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Our approach
Empowering you.

Tools to give you the best chance of success. 

You'll know the cost and the time frame up front. 

You'll get all the options explained in every day language .

You'll get our knowledge in explicit tip sheets.

You'll be in the driver's seat, determining your next steps. 


Dedicated to providing
affordable professional legal services

Our story

A different kind of family law firm

We met when we were employed as duty lawyers at the Family Court and noticed more and more people unable to afford full legal representation. Everyone should have the same access to justice as those with Legal Aid lawyers or privately funded lawyers. We came up with the idea to create a service that offered only what was most essential to a client's success - quality advice and documents, at a set price up front, so people know where they stand financially. 

Meet The Team

Jesse McColl


Jesse was admitted to legal practice in 2020 and went straight into working with clients on their property arrangements. Balance sheets and valuations are her specialty. 

Jesse is experienced in all stages of Family Court. She has represented clients at mediation, at mentions, interim hearings and urgent applications, as well as in the Local Court.

Jesse has provided advice in relation to divorce, time with children, recovery orders, relocation, property stay orders, costs and much more. 

Melanie Conn


Melanie was admitted to legal practice in 2006. Melanie spent the first part of her career as a prosecutor in criminal law. After a career break to care for her children, she returned to work in family law.

Melanie has a Masters of Applied Law (Family Law and Dispute Resolution). She has represented clients at mediation, in the Family Court and in the Local Court.


As a family law duty lawyer for approx. five years, she has given advice to hundreds of clients on every sort of family law problem.  

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